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ScienceCampus Movie Nights

Not only since "The Big Bang Theory" and "Interstellar" has science played an important role in movies and tv series - be it in Hollywood blockbusters or small independent productions. In our Movie nights, we not only want to watch movies that touch upon "Primate Cognition", but also want to discuss the movie's scientific background with the audience. How accurate is the movie? What has been exaggerated, simplified or omitted? What is the relevance of the depicted science? These and other questions will be discussed. Each movie will be acompanied by a scientific expert, who will comment and the movie and will be available for discussion.

All movies are shown in English language.

The movie nights take place at 5.30 p.m. im the Lecture hall of the German Primate Center, Kellnerweg 4, 37077 Göttingen. Admission is free!

Drinks are available for a contribution towards the expenses.

The program for the winter term 2017/18


Unfortunately, the movie "Virunga" has to be postponed! The new date will be announced as soon as possible.

Lecture Hall, German Primate Center, Kellnerweg 4

The Virunga National Park is home to the last existing mountain gorillas and other endangered species. Despite belonging to the UNESCO world heritage, the park is danger due to its unexplored oil reservoirs and the war in the Rwanda. The documentary “Virunga” follows the French journalist Mélanie Gouby and some of the park rangers to document their fight for the protection of this unique nature reserve.

Produced by Leonardo di Caprio, Orlando von Einsiedel’s film won eighteen awards at various film festivals and was nominated for the Academy Award (Oscar) and the British Academy Film Award in the category as “Best Documentary”. “Virunga” is available exclusively on Netflix, which generously provided a screening permission for the ScienceCampus Movie Night.

As an expert on mountain gorillas and field work in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, we could win Martha M. Robbins from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. She will visit the ScienceCampus and will give a talk about her research prior to the screening, and will discuss the film with the audience.

Mountain gorillas are among the most endangered primate species worldwide. Picture: pixabay, Creative Commons CC0.


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