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Statistical Consulting Service

The statistical consulting service offers to collaborate on research projects concerned with the following topics: statistical modelling, statistical inference, statistics of extremes and univariate time series problems. These involve (but are not limited to) regression and distributional regression, model selection, prediction in time series and hypothesis testing issues.

For specific R-related questions, you will find a large number of free online resources here.

Note that this service is exclusively available for members of the Leibniz ScienceCampus Primate Cognition and aims primarily at solving conceptual statistical issues. For one-off statistical questions, see the information under "Other Options for Statistical Consultation". To schedule a consultation meeting, please contact Julien Hambuckers through this online formular, and provide all the required information (*):


Statistical consulting service

Statistische Beratung


Julien Hambuckers, Ph.D. +49 551 39-27406 Contact Profile

Other Options for Statistical Consultation

PhD students who are not members of the ScienceCampus, or those concerned with one-off statistical questions should contact:

Dr. A. Silbersdorff

Bachelor or Master students should contact:

Franziska Dorn