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Cognition Talks Calendar

Cognition plays a role in various research groups, institutes and third-party funded projects. To provide an easily accessibly overview of cognition-research related talks at the Göttingen Campus, the Cognition Talks calendar has been established.  As a public google calendar, it can be added to your personal calendar software. 

The Cognition Talks calendar is a joint project of the Research Training Group 2070 "Understanding Social Relationships", the Leibniz ScienceCampus Primate Cognition, the DPZ-Colloquium and the CogSci-Colloquium. We welcome the addition of more lecture series.

If you would like to add a talk to the calendar, please contact Rebecca Jürgens (rtg2070(at)uni-goettingen.de) or Christian Schloegl (cschloegl(at)dpz.eu).

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