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Organisational structure

The Leibniz ScienceCampus is managed by a five-member Board of Directors. The directors also represent the participating institutions. The speaker is Prof. Julia Fischer (DPZ). The other members of the Board of Directors are Prof. Stefan Treue (DPZ), Prof. Julia Ostner (University), Prof. Hannes Rakoczy (University) and Prof. Fred Wolf (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organisation) as representatives of the Göttingen Campus. The Board of Directors is responsible for all activities of the ScienceCampus, decides on internal funding measures and represents the ScienceCampus externally. The members of the Board of Directors are appointed for four years by the participating institutions.

The members of the Steering Committee are elected by the General Assembly of all members of the ScienceCampus. The core disciplines behavioural biology, neuroscience and psychology must be represented by at least one representative each. In addition to six representatives of the principal investigators, one representative each are elected by the participating postdocs and doctoral students. The members of the Steering Committee are elected for a period of two years. The tasks of the Steering Committee include advising the Directors and reviewing funding applications.

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of up to five external representatives of the disciplines represented in the ScienceCampus. The current members of the Advisory Board are Prof. Ralph Hertwig (Max Planck Institute for Human Development Berlin), Prof. Robert Seyfarth (University of Pennsylvania), Prof. Gaia Scerif (University of Oxford), Prof. Winrich Freiwald (Rockefeller University New York) and Prof. Adrienne Fairhall (University of Washington). The Board receives and reviews the reports of the Board of Directors and makes proposals for the further development of the Science Campus. The Advisory Board is appointed by the participating institutions based on a proposal by the Board of Directors.

The committees and members of the ScienceCampus are supported by a coordinator.

Organisational structure of the Leibniz-ScienceCampus


Prof. Dr. Julia Fischer

Prof. Dr. Julia Fischer Speaker of the Leibniz-ScienceCampus +49 551 3851-375 +49 551 3851-372 Contact

Dr. Christian Schloegl

Dr. Christian Schloegl Managing Director +49 551 3851-480 +49 551 3851-489 Contact