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The ScienceCamus Primate Cognition – Moving Images

Our short film series provides a first glimpse of the width of our research activities and the close cooperation between scientists within the ScienceCampus. German and English language editions are available and can also be found on our youtube-channel.

What is unique about Guinea baboons?

Julia Fischer and her team study Guinea baboons in Senegal to understand what makes their social behaviour special

How do primates influence each other when they work together?

To study how primates influence each other when they work together cooperatively or competitively, scientists at the DPZ and the ScienceCampus developed a novel experimental platform.

Are very young children and non-human primates capable of intuitive statistics?

Hannes Rakoczy and colleagues study if infants and non-human primates can draw logical inferences. Do you they have a basal understanding of probabilities?

What does our brain process better – emotions or facts?

Annekathrin Schacht of the University of Göttingen and the Leibniz ScienceCampus Primate Cognition studies how emotions influence our behaviour

Can we watch a brain think?

At the ScienceCampus, researchers from the DPZ and the University Medical Center work together to improve imaging procedures and to develop individual treatments for patients.

How do we make the decisions we make?

Stefan Treue and Igor Kagan study the underlying brain activities during decision making processes.

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