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Statistical support for members of the ScienceCampus

Statistical analysis plays a central role when it comes to inferring patterns and processes from data. In the era of large and complex (multi-level) data, such inference can be demanding, and challenging questions and analysis decisions can occur during all stages of a statistical analysis (e.g., planning, conducting, interpretation).

The Leibniz ScienceCampus offers statistical advice to all its members. Such advice can be sought at all stages of a project from planning a data collection or experiment and its analysis and then pre-registering it, over later data processing, conducting the analysis and interpreting its results, until preparation of manuscripts for submission.

If you wish to seek advice regarding any statistical aspect of a project or wish to discuss questions related to statistical analyses, models, and the like, just send a brief email to Roger Mundry (Rmundry(at)dpz.eu). Probably, all the rest is then more efficiently clarified during (virtual) meetings.