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Funded activities and projects

Since its inauguration in 2015, the ScienceCampus provides seed funds to more than 50 projects. With these funds, teams of at least two researchers are supported to develop new experimental approaches and to run small-scaled or pilot studies.

Think tank workshops aim bringing together international experts for public or non-public meetings. The conceptual development of a research area is achieved by focusing on a well-defined topic and through the close exchange between the participants.

The ScienceCampus members’ international networks benefit from the different exchange programs (conference visits, incoming- and outgoing grants). Since 2015, more than 80 conference presentations, and more than 15 visits to other research institutions have been funded. In addition, visits by international guest fellows to Göttingen have been made possible with the Incoming Fellows program. Prolonged stays in Göttingen foster intensive exchange and the development of joint programs.

Seed funds

Think tanks


Seed funds

Some projects are still ongoing. The following projects have been completed:


Think tanks



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