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Individual differences in advice taking

Photo: Thomas Steuer

Research on advice taking shows that individuals are resistant to advice. While they follow advice to some degree, they do not heed it as much as they should, even if that means a loss of decision quality. While we have a rather good understanding of the ‘average’ advisee, research on individual differences in resistance to advice is scarce. Our data contribute to closing this gap by showing that the personality trait agency is linked to advice resistance. Agency refers to a person’s striving to for personal achievement and power. As a personality dimension, it contains primarily self-profitable attributes such as dominance or competence, and is related to the desire to be independent. The results, so far, suggest that agentic individuals heed advice less because they feel more competent (even though they do not perform better than individuals low in agency). In sum, we have provided some evidence that there is such a thing as an advice resistant personality.


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