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Real-time MRI of fluent and stuttered speech

Spectogram of free human speech (symbolic image). Picture: Julia Fischer.

Stuttering is a speech fluency disorder which is known since antiquity. Its neurological core gradually uncovers due to modern imaging techniques of brain structure and function. Here we exploited recent advances toward real-time MRI to analyze movements of articulatory muscles generating speech. In particular, the method for the first time offers a close look on what happens with inner and outer articulators during stuttered speech. This will improve our understanding of dysfunctional muscles and irregular movement patterns during speech dysfluencies. This novel technical approach could even have a place in therapy where speech patterns overcoming speech dysfluencies could be better rehearsed and trained because of immediate visual feedback.

Project leaders

Martin Sommer

Martin Sommer +49 551 39-66650 Contact Profile

Jens Frahm

Jens Frahm +49 551 201-1721 Contact Profile

Contributing research groups

Clinical Neurophysiology