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Rhesus macaque chair training and automatized cognitive testing

3D sketch
3D sketch of the chair helmet for automated stepwise chair training. Picture: Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory.

From the perspective of the monkeys involved in cognitive neuroscience research, several aspects of their daily life seem particularly challenging. In particular, learning to tolerate the restrain when sitting in the primate chair, and battling boredom arising from the captivity. This project aimed at addressing these issues to improve the monkeys' wellbeing. Firstly, an automated and computerized chair helmet was designed to allow the animals to comfortably sit in a primate chair and train at their own pace and will, without leaving their home enclosure and peers. Secondly, a video-game touchscreen based training and enrichment protocol were programmed, to allow animals to interact directly from their own home enclosure.

Project leaders

Antonio Calapai

Antonio Calapai +49 551 3851-345 Contact Profile

Stefan Treue

Stefan Treue +49 551 3851-115 Contact Profile

Susann Boretius

Susann Boretius +49 551 3851-390 Contact Profile

Alexander Gail

Alexander Gail +49 551 3851-358 Contact Profile