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Training of rhesus macaques for neuroendocrinological studies

Photo: Anton Säckl

The long-term aim of this seed fund project focuses on the role of oxytocin in the formation and maintenance of social bonding in nonhuman primates. We are currently habituating individual rhesus monkeys living in social settings to the administration of oxytocin which will enable us to manipulate their propensity to affiliate and cooperate with conspecifics which in turn should also affect the behavior of their interaction partners towards them. Once this system has been setup it will allow us to test a number of questions related to the underlying neuroendocrine mechanisms of relationship formation, maintenance and regulation.


Project leaders

Julia Ostner

Julia Ostner +49 551 39-33925 Contact Profile

Oliver Schülke

Oliver Schülke +49-551-3933926 +49 551 39 9637 Contact Profile

Oliver Gruber

Oliver Gruber +49-6221 56-7511 Contact Profile