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Comparative lifespan psychology: the primate origins of human cognitive development

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Humans exhibit a suite of changes in cognition across the lifespan, both in early development and during aging. Comparative patterns are crucial to infer the biological basis and evolutionary significance of human traits, but little is known about whether other primates show similar cognitive changes over development. I will present research examining the emergence of different facets of social cognition, spatial cognition and decision-making across primate species that vary in socioecology and life history characteristics. I will use this comparative data to test when different developmental trajectories emerge, and how the pace and pattern of development shapes the expression of mature cognitive traits across species.


Alexandra Rosati (University of Michigan)

Will be held online via Zoom

Date and Time 02.03.21 - 15:00 Signup is not required

Location online via zoom


Research Unit Sociality and Health in Primates

Prof. Dr. Julia Ostner


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