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Seed funds

Supporting the research activities of its members is one of the main goals of the ScienceCampus. Specific emphasis is laid upon innovative and collaborative projects that bridge the boundaries between the disciplines.

For this purpose, the ScienceCampus offers seed funds for collaborative projects that are within the scope of the ScienceCampus. Funds are usually restricted to 10.000€ per grant and are awarded to teams of at least two members from different departments or research groups. The money can be used to develop new methodological approaches, for pilot studies with the potential to develop into larger projects or grant proposals, or for small, independent research projects.

Projects can currently be funded until November 30th, 2018. Funding can be used, in accordance with the spending guidelines of the Leibniz-Association, for all purposes supporting the research project and the goals of the ScienceCampus.

To apply for funding, applicants use the application form to submit a project proposal and a spending plan to the ScienceCampus Coordination Office. Applications can be submitted electronically.

Please note that no applications are currently accepted.


Dr. Christian Schloegl

Dr. Christian Schloegl Coordinator +49 551 3851-480 +49 551 3851-489 Contact

last update on July 2nd, 2018